Donald Fights For Harley Davidson

India, upon the request of Donald Trump, has reduced the import tariffs on Harley Davidson motorcycles from 100% to 50%. After this move, Donald Trump stated that he will no longer allow the USA to be fooled, and will make sure that every country follows this policy. Donald Trump is still unhappy with the tariff and demands that it be reduced to 0. He claims that the USA charges nothing on the import of Indian made motorcycles.

This is very true. The USA has been suffering bigger deficit (amount of money that falls short or is lacking) in recent times. Their exports are nearly half as much as their imports. Due to this, Trump has started many trade wars (see articles: The Trade War and The Trade War Part: Two for more). Trump has resolved to fix this before the end of his term, and he has upset many countries to do so. Other countries hope that he goes no further.

What do you think? Will Donald Trump stop at no hurdle to achieve his mark? And will he destroy America in the process? We can only wait and watch.

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