300,000 Indians To Be Evacuated?

Gujarat is preparing to evacuate 300,000 people as it prepares for Storm Vayu that is expected to hit coastal Gujarat on Thursday morning. These people will be moved to shelters for their own safety. The storm, born in the Arabian Sea is expected to bring wind speeds of up to 135 kph along with heavy rain, the meteorological department stated. They have also warned delay in the monsoon in other parts of the country as the storm is drawing clouds towards itself.

Gujarat’s Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has said that he has sought help from the military and National Disaster Response Force.

Several ports and refineries along the Gujarat coast have been put on high alert and employees have been evacuated in several of them. Evacuation for most vulnerable areas will start from Wednesday morning. Home Minister Amit Shah has asked officials to ensure that any disruption to power, communication, drinking water etc to be restored immediately.

Will this evacuation be successful, similar to the one in May? See article Reconstructing Odisha for more) Or will people suffer again? Tell us in the comments below..

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