The Blue Wave

Social Media has been going crazy with the blue wave, a movement meant to help the huge humanitarian crisis in Sudan. And although you may have seen the colour everywhere, we feel that you are owed a proper explanation of the events.

It all started back in December, when the people wanted to protest against the ridiculous raise in prices of basic goods such as salt and grain. Slowly, these protests started becoming protests against their dictatorial President, Omar al-Bashir. Bashir was a cruel leader, with more than 15,000 deaths under his name, the military backed by him to perform cruel tortures against the citizens. Women were being harrassed, men were being beaten or killed, and he still remained in power. He was recently removed as President, and although the people celebrated the fall of the dictator and hoped for a democratic body, their hardships were not over. The military general took over and as pro- democracy protests grew louder, so did the sound of gunshots fired.

The international court has tried arresting Bashir several times, but was never backed by the Security Council. Sudanese people have been denied the right to speak up, with all social media being banned and news portals silenced.

The best way to help these people is by spreading the blue wave further. Repost and put it as your profile picture until the authorities realise that they are totally not supported by the world. Make them feel ashamed of their actions. Help us save these people from the biggest humanitarian crime ever committed.

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