Keeping the deal with Iran

Iran has urged Europe to abide by the Obama era nuclear deal that allowed lifted of harsh sanctions against the country and put limits on the country’s nuclear program. The Trump administration withdrew from the deal a year back and reimposed sanctions, which affect Iran’s biggest revenue earner, the oil sector.

Iran has said it will violate the internationally agreed uranium enrichment limit of 3.67% in 10 days. The country’s atomic energy agency has said that it will increase enrichment levels to 20%. This is much closer to the weapons-grade level.

The nuclear agreement known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action ( JCPOA) was meant to offer relief to Iran from sanctions in return for restrictions on its nuclear program. It was signed by the US, France, UK, Germany, Russia and China. Non-US countries had criticised Trump’s administration’s withdrawal from the deal and have asked Iran to exercise restraint.

Should the deal stay as is? Tell us your views below.

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