US-Iran Conflicts

USA Iran conflict has reached an all-time high, with Iran even executing one of its ex-employees in the defence ministry for treason. After Donald Trump’s statement that he “spared” Iran from a bombing attack by the US, (see article: Trump Spares Iran for more) tensions between the two countries have never been worse. Iran has decided to respond to the crisis. An Iranian missile destroyed a US surveillance drone, with the USA claiming it was over International waters. Iran has also said that they do not wish to have war, but have a “crushing” response for any attack against them.

Donald Trump has said that he will impose even more sanctions against Iran, distinctly threatening the use of military action. (see article: Iran in a Fix? for more) This is to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. Trump has also said he is open to negotiation by Iran and will consider ending this war.

What do you think? Will Iran and the USA resolve this matter peacefully? Or is another war due? Comment down below and stay tuned for more.

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