Delhi running out of water

India is a country of more than 1.37 billion people and its capital seems to be running out of water. While the central government has announced ‘Nal se ‘Jal’ initiative to provide tap water to all households, the sources of water in the country are drying up. Delhi is one of those cities expected to run out of water by the year 2020, according to a Niti Ayog report that came out recently.

While Delhi has the highest percentage of people with piped water supply(only 18% do not have access to tapped water), the groundwater is depleting at a very rapid rate that will affect the city severely in the coming years. The commonwealth games village and the Akshardham temple constructed on Yamuna floodplains prevent the recharge of groundwater. Other local water bodies are either built on or are full of garbage. The groundwater is also getting used at a much higher rate than its getting replenished.

The future seems to be grim unless we can take immediate, sustained action on conserving water.

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