Google In Hot Water?

India is investigating Google in an antitrust case. Google has supposedly been forcing phone companies to pre-install their apps on the devices. They have also misused their dominant position and made it more difficult for manufacturers to opt for different Android systems. India has termed it unfair, supposedly violating the competition law.

By making it difficult for phone companies to opt for different Android systems, Google is reducing the competition and also able to have their apps pre-installed in every phone device, giving Google an unfair advantage. In the world, about 88% of phones are Android based. In India, about 99% of phones sold are Android.

Google has denied these accusations, claiming that it has helped reduce the cost of phones and has made smartphones affordable for many Indians. Google has previously occurred a fine of 5 billion dollars for a similar reason in Europe, and a 1.36 billion dollar fine in California for being “search biased” (see article Google Under Investigation and Google Fin(e)d? For more)

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