Congress Party In Turmoil?

The Congress party in India lost to Narendra Modi (from BJP) for the second time in the 2019 Lokh Saba elections. After this the Congress party leader, Rahul Gandhi had decided to quit but other leaders told him not do so. He has now, officially refused to reconsider and has resigned as the leader of the Congress party.

This is possibly the worst crisis faced by the party in the last decade since the state polls are to happen this year and the party does not have a leader and its party officials are unable to accept this. Several chief ministers from Congress tried to convince him but he still did not change his decision. Among this chaos, a local party worker tried to climb a tree and attempt suicide by hanging from it. He said that if Rahul Gandhi doesn’t take back his decision he will hang himself. Thankfully, he was stopped by Congress workers present there.

A possible reason for Gandi’s decision could be because of the allegations made by their main opposition, BJP saying that Congress promotes “dynasty” in politics. The Gandi family has been leading the party for decades and has even produced 3 prime ministers in the country.

Do you think he’ll end up quitting? Do you think he should quit? Also, would you prefer reading smaller articles or is this length appropriate? Tell us in the comments..

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