Kashmir Conflict: Why?

A UN report has stated that the rising tensions in Kashmir are having a severe impact on human rights. Kashmir has been facing border problems, with both Pakistan and India fighting over it as a part of their countries. Due to suicide bombings and the fact that Kashmir is now a Muslim majority state, both countries are fighting tooth and nail, determined not to give it up.

Kashmir has been a touchy subject for both countries, with four Indo-Pak wars fought because of it. Kashmir is the only Muslim majority state in India, and many of the citizens want to be a part of Pakistan or a separate country. India wants Kashmir to be a part of the state as they want to be a secular state. This war has been going on since the partition in 1947. This was also the cause of the Pulwama attack, and the main catalyst for the two countries rivalries.

What do you think? Will India and Pakistan ever resolve this issue? Comment down below…

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