Turkey-USA Feud

Turkey has decided to receive specialised weapons systems from Russia, triggering USA’s sanctions against NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, formed between 29 European and North American countries) allies.

The first parts of the system are being flown in, sealing the deal between the two countries. US has issued a threat saying that the Russian system is not compatible to NATO systems, and Turkey may be removed from the F-35 fighter jet scheme, a jet developed by the US.

Turkey has said that this is a strategic move to secure the border of Syria and Iran, with the European Union and the USA provided no better alternative. This has also led to dropping of valuation of the Turkey lira with respect to the dollar. The threat of sanctions lies heavy in the air.

What do you think? Will Turkey and USA have yet another trade war? Or will USA allow this deal to pass? Stay tuned for more…

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