Vaccine Shortage In India

Rabies is a disease that occurs after an animal who is rabid, bites a human. 99% of the rabies cases in India are from dog bites. The rest are from animals like monkeys.
India needs at least 48 million units of the anti-rabies medicine every year. With 5 local producers producing about 50 million vials every year, that should not be a problem. But it is. In fact, it is a national problem. The last 2 tenders floated by the government to procure the rabies vaccine for use in government hospitals got no responses. This had led to an acute shortage of vaccine in almost all states in India.

The shortage has been reported since August 2018. On June 24th, the government decided to buy the vaccine directly from the manufacture.

Written by Ankita Pattaniak, Student of Class VIII, Arya Vidya Mandir (Juhu).

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