The Indian ‘Spy’

The World Court, more formally known as the International court Of Justice (IOC) has demanded that Pakistan reconsider it’s charges against an ex- Navy officer of India, Kulbhishan Sushil Jadhav for being a spy.

India has made this request, claiming that Jadhav has been denied diplomatic aids (such as being able to visit him in jail and assist him in his trial) and was given an unfair trial.

However, Pakistan counters claiming that according to a treaty signed by both the countries, diplomatic aids do not apply to spies and terrorists. However, the IOC has enforced the law as binding, asking Pakistan to review its laws and rejudge the case fairly. Moreover, Pakistan’s attorneys argues that it is a clear win for Pakistan, as the IOC did not order for the release of Jadhav, as India wanted, but a simple re-trial by the courts of Pakistan.

Whom do you think will win the case? Stay tuned to find out!

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