Netflix Reduces Prices in India

Netflix, an American video streaming service now aims to expand even more in India. Across the globe, the company has around 150 million subscribers. It is targeting to add 7 million new subscribers by September and is reducing prices in India as a part of that strategy. India is one of the fastest growing markets for Netflix currently. Netflix announced that it will launch an mobile only subscription plan in India which will be cheaper than its current pricing. Mobile data usage is increasing in India because cheaper data is being made available to more and more people.

Netflix is currently the most expensive video streaming subscription service in India with plans starting at a minimum of Rs 500 per month. It’s main competitors, Hotstar and Amazon Prime start at Rs 299 and Rs 129 respectively per month.

The company hopes to increase it’s subscription base with lower prices. In other markets like the US where it recently increased prices, the number of subscribers has gone down.

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