Iran- Why So Lonely?

Britain has announced the capture of one of their ships by Iran a hostile act. Iran has tried explaining that it was due to an accident but Britain has refused to accept it and considered it an act of war.

This is weeks after the threat issued by Iran against Britain for doing the same to one of Iran’s ships for ‘violating sanctions’ in Syria. The boat, carrying no cargo will remain at Iranian docks until proper investigation on the matter is done. Britain is backed by France, Germany and the European Union.

The four countries had signed a treaty with Iran and the world’s superpowers, to ensure that Iran will stop it’s nuclear work and sanctions will be lifted off it’s trade. However, USA has already backed out of this deal last year, and so far none of the three European countries have done nothing to follow up on the agreement. Now, with USA imposing heavy sanctions on Iran, and many of the European countries and allies backing it, Iran’s only source of income may once again be nuclear work.

What do you think? Will Iran revert back to it’s nuclear work? Comment down below…

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