India In Space

India, yesterday, launched Chandrayan 2 from Sriharikota. This is an attempt to land a rover on the moon’s surface which will help to study about the presence of water on the moon’s surface near the South pole, a region no country has explored.

US, Russia and China are the only 3 countries which have had moon missions. ISRO( Indian Space Research Organisation) said that the spacecraft has successfully entered the Earth’s orbit and has begun its 50-day journey of 384,000 KM’s to the moon. India’s moon mission has been led by Vanitha Muthayan as program director and Ritu Karidhal has mission director.

Embassies of countries like Israel, Germany and the US congratulated India for this achievement. ISRO had a $1.8 billion budget compared to NASA’s $21.5 billion budget. Does India’s low-cost and efficient space technology make you proud? Or do you think this money should be spent on improving the country? Tell us in the comments below…

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