Electric Tuk-Tuks?

Uber and Sun Mobility have formed a partnership to offer electric autorickshaws in India. That’s right, our favorite rickshaws will now be run on cleaner energy, and be available to book on Uber. Rejoice Indians, no more rejection by rickshaw drivers!

Sun Mobility is a Bengaluru based automobile group that has offered charged swappable batteries for all Uber drivers and partners’ electric cars. The objectives is to provide the push required to have automobiles run on clean energy sources, thus doing their bit for the environment.

The Indian government has also ordered companies such as Uber and Ola to change atleast 40% of their fleet into electric cars (see article: Electric Taxis? for more). By 2020, all cars manufactured in India will run on clean energy sources.

What do you think? Will this push other competitors to also convert their vehicles? Stay tuned to find out!

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