What’s RTI And Why Are People Protesting?

The Right to Information (RTI) is an important law in our constitution. It means, literally, that the citizens of India have the right to information, the right to know about the government’s doings. It gives anyone the opportunity to check the work of the government and question it if required, unless it is of national security. An information commissioner is appointed who solves disputes regarding this act. Earlier, the information commissioner’s term(5 years) and salary was fixed. Therefore the information commissioner was said to be independent of the government and could perform his/her duty without any external pressure. However, now an amendment has been passed in the parliament which states that the term and salary of the information commissioner will be decided by the government. This has lead to a great deal of protests. People fear that the information commissioner will be greatly influenced by the government and corruption will increase regarding this law. Do you agree? Or do you think the amendment will benefit us? Tell us in the comments below…

Protests against RTI

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