Iran Once Again In A Fix?

India has pleaded the release of the rest of the crew from Iran. Iran had seized a Panama flagged tanker out of which 9 Indian crew members were released. India is now pushing for the release of the other three members as well. (See article: Iran- Why So Lonely? for more) Dozens of crew members have been arrested near the Gulf as the tensions continue to rise amongst Iran and the Western countries. Iran has not provided any reason for holding the other three.

Although India and Iran have been old trade partners of oil and energy, the oil crisis with US has pressured India to cut off ties from Iran. (See article: Iran In A Fix? for more). Iran has been isolated from most of its trade partners, and is starting to suffer a huge economic loss due to lack of trade.

What do you think? Will Iran come out of this bad patch? Stay tuned to find out!

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