Doctors Protesting

Doctors have threatened to go on an indefinite strike to oppose the National Medical Commission bill that was passed in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday. The bill seeks to bring many changes to medical education in india. The Medical council of India(MCI) will be replaced by a national medical commission(NMC) that will play the role of regulating medical colleges, conduct entrance exams for MBBS and PG courses etc. This is because the previously existing MCI was accused of corruption. This replacement is one of the biggest reforms of medical education in India.

The bill introduces a exam called National Exit Test(NEXT) which is a common final year MBBS exam that must be cleared to practice medicine, admission in post graduate medical courses and more. Medical students and doctors have strongly opposed this bill and have even come out on the roads, outside the parliment. They say the bill encourages quackery(Health fraud). They believe that it will lead to deterioration of medical education and standards. They are also opposing section 45 of the bill which allows central government to override suggestions of the national medical council..

Do you think this bill is justified? Or are doctors right to protest?

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