Women In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has recently started allowing women over the age of 21 to acquire a passport and travel without the consent of a male gaurdian. Saudi Arabia has also made it legal for women to register births, marriage and death.

This is a big deal as before, men controlled every desicion in a woman’s life. Now, with these new laws, women are now finally coming at an equal footing. In recent years, many eyes were drawn to the outrageous violations of women rights in Saudi Arabia, with many women in powerful positions asking for help. Saudi has also widened job opportunities for women, making the corporate world a more fair playground.

However, there are still many restrictions on women. Women are not allowed to live or marry without the consent of their male guardian. They cannot pass on their citizenship to their children, and they cannot provide consent for their children to get married. They cannot leave prison early without their male guardian’s consent.

What do you think? Should Saudi Arabia actively be working to remove all such violations? Comment down below…

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