Tourists Evacuated Out Of Kashmir

Thousands of Indian tourists, pilgrims and workers are being evacuated out of Kashmir. This comes after a security alert issued by the government saying that evidence of more attacks caused by Pakistan’s army supported militants has been found.

The government is advising all tourists and pilgrims to put off their Kashmir plans for at least two months. It has been a very chaotic week, with India hoping to minimise the damage as much as possible. Many foreign countries such as the UK and Germany have advised their citizens to not travel to Kashmir. The Kashmir situation has gotten really tense, with both sides fighting tooth and nail for the land (see article: Kashmir Conflict for more).

Residents are stocking up on food supplies, petrol, oil and gas. However, India is losing a lot of money that is used to earn from tourists in Kashmir, making it more of a loss than an asset. Kashmir is known as the Paradise of the Earth, with world-renowned sites such as the Lake Dal. However, tourists who are currently staying at Lake Dal claim that everything is fine over there.

What do you think? Will we see another national emergency like the Pulwama? Or is this just a false alarm? Stay tuned to find out!

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