Kashmir Move:Good or Bad?

As we all know, Modi has revoked article 370 regarding Kashmir, leaving both Pakistan and China in shock.(see article: Political Earthquake: Article 370 for more). Pakistan and China have protested loudly against this, saying that the issue of border security is a very delicate matter between the three countries. China claims that this will disrupt their thinly populated region in the West, along with a small strip of land owned by Pakistan in the west. Now, let us understand why this is a good or bad move.

Article 370 was originally just a temporary solution, and like all temporary things it was meant to be ended. However, with the abolition of the article there are a lot of presidential orders and provisions under that article that will also be demolished unless replaced by another effective solution. Before, Kashmir had it’s own constitution, it’s own prime minister and legislative body. Having its own legislative and rules, Kashmir was alienated from India. Now, it will be governed exactly the same as the rest of the country, showing unity. Indians will be able to purchase land again, and the right to education, equality and speech will be restored

What do you think? Is the scrapping of Article 35 and 370 a good idea? Comment down below…

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