Kashmir Conflict Continues

Pakistan is saying that it will now go the United Nations Security Council for the dispute over Kashmir. This is with the help of China. After India stripped Kashmir of the article 370, Pakistan and China have protested heavily, claiming that parts of Kashmir belong to the both of them. Pakistan claims that Kashmir is a part of their country as it is the only state of India that is Muslim majority.

In Kashmir, the government has ordered the stoppage of 3 bus routes. May militants that had left the fight are now willing to come back, to protest against the abolition of Article 370. (See article: Political Earthquake Article 35 for more). The first Friday has passed peacefully, with all schools and colleges in Ladakh expected to be open by Saturday. This is a big step, as the abolition of Article 144 gives the citizens the right to education. A Pakistani Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi is asking for a protest to be held in Kashmir on August 15, with Pakistan flags and banners being hung on all doors and houses. (See article: Kashmir Conflict: Good Or Bad? for more)

What do you think? Will this be the end of the Kashmir Conflict? Or will this long standing match go further? Come back to find out!

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