Congress Gets a New President

The opposition to BJP, Congress party has yet again chosen Sonia Gandhi as it’s interim(temporary) leader. Her son, Rahul Gandhi had quit following the harsh defeat in May elections. While the party searches for a new leader, Sonia Gandhi will continue to oversee the party affairs as President.

The Congress Working Committee had wanted Rahul Gandhi to continue as President but after he refused they handed over the reins to his mother, Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi had served as Congress party President from 1998 to 2017 before passing on the baton to her son. She has also been credited with bringing the party to power in 2004. So far, she is to be president up till the internal elections. Why is the party in this situation? Read at Congress party in turmoil.

Do you think the Congress party which played a key role in India’s independence movement, can revive itself under the Gandhis? Tell us in the comments below…

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