Kashmir Update

Here are some of the latest happenings in the Kashmir situation.

1.China, on behalf of all UN council members has advised India and Pakistan not to take any action on the disputed land of Jammu and Kashmir. India resists, claiming that the matter is Internal, and cannot be resolved by the Security Council. The Council is also concerned of the violations of human rights, and has asked India and Pakistan to stand down till this can be better resolved. Pakistan says that this is the first and not the last step in avenging a 50 year old insult.

2. A moth before Kashmir lost its special status, all telephone and Internet connection lines had been cut throughout the state. Starting this Friday night, re installation of all telephone and internet lines will begin. Schools will also reopen by Friday, and the government has assured that by Saturday, most of Srinagar will be awake. This is the first step in ensuring that both Ladakh and Kashmir are included as a part of India, and enjoy the same freedom and rights that every Indian citizen does.

What do you think? Is this a good step in rebuilding Kashmir? Comment down below…

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