Alibaba Amidst Hong Kong Protests

Alibaba, a China based eCommerce company, is trying to list its website in Hong Kong, amidst all the protests. Alibaba is an online platform where millions of traders come to trade, buy shares and see the over-all stock market. It makes it easier to do business anywhere, to buy and sell products, to trade world-wide.

While Alibaba is already listed in New York, the company was supposed to offer what may be the biggest deal of the year to Hong Kong. The original listing was for 20 billion dollars but after the current status more likely to be 10-15 billion dollars.

With all the political unrest in the place(see articles:Hong Kong Protests for more) Alibaba considers the listing changeable, and is seeking advice from the bank to move the listings a little later in the year. This was already a complex issue, with China’s strict rules of across the border trade, but has been made even more complex due to the fragile state of political power.

What do you think? Will Alibaba move ahead with the listing? Comment down below…

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