Amazon Fires

While everyone has been obsessed with the recent Notre Dame Fire and Cali Fire, this one is way worse. With a record-breaking number of fires started this year, the Amazonian rainforest which is the largest in the world is in great danger. This forest produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen, and the flames produced by the fire can be seen from space!

The smoke is so heavy that it has caused a blackout in the biggest city in Brazil, San Paulo which is 1,700 miles away. With more than 9,507 fires burning since Thursday, Brazil has declared a state of emergency. This year alone, 72,843 fires have occurred which is an 83% surge since last year. While forest fires are common in the dry season, this is considered an extreme. The Amazonian rainforest are considered the most vital cure to global warming.

Smoke from the fires is covering more than half of Brazil. The smoke is even spilling into neighboring countries such as Peru. This is a huge danger to the world as these forests were considered as our last hope. The whole world is praying for Amazonia, with Twitter exploding with extreme pictures of the smoke and fires.

What do you think? Will mankind present a solution? Or is our last hope to save this planet gone? Stay tuned for more.

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