Here is an update on a few things we write about-

1.Kashmir Conflict- On Friday a few of the opposition party including former Congress president Rahul Gandhi was barred from leaving the airport in Kashmir. They had been warned by the local authorities that their visit would only bring forth chaos. (See article- Kashmir Conflict for more)

2. Finance and Politics- Former Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley passed away at the age of 66. During his reign, he led a bankruptcy code and many tax reforms, such as service tax laws. He was also responsible for the execution of GST. He will be missed.

3. Hong Kong Protests- Earler this week, police fired volleys of tear gas to shut down the anti government protests. This was after the protestants threw gas bombs and petrol. (See article- Honk Kong Protest for more)

4. Trade War- USA President Donald Trump has added an extra 5% tariff on Chinese goods as the latest move in this tit for tat war. UK prime Minister Johnson will ask Trump to reconsider as it has slowed down trade for other countries as well. (See article Trade War Part 3 for more)

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