Kashmir Update

The Supreme Court will now hear the petitions against the revocation of Article 370 by the opposition. The court will also hear a petition to revoke other such restrictions, like the communication ban in the state. The UN Secretary, Antonio Guteres, after having a long and fruitful conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, advised him not to let the Kashmir situation escalate any further(see article:Kashmir situation for more). This was during the G7 summit held at France (see article:G7 Summit for more).

Modi government claims that normalcy is returning to these states, and that in many areas restrictions have been substantially removed or eased. After many restrictions are removed, all schools and telephone lines are also expected to start working. The Education Department has decided to open all high schools in Kashmir Valley from tomorrow in the areas where relaxations have been provided. Director Of Education Board Kashmir has said that more than 3,037 primary schools and 774 middle schools have reopened across the valley. The attendance of teachers has also improved significantly in the past week. They are doing their best to ensure students go to school on time.

India has basically told the world that Kashmir is an internal conflict and Pakistan should accept reality. The Pakistan Prime Minister has threatened to raise the issue in every international forum, including the General Assembly. Soon after this declaration, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN had a meeting with General Assembly President Maria Fernandez Espinosa about the whole matter.

What do you think? Will this Kashmir situation be resolved quickly? Or does Pakistan still very much have a say in this? Stay tuned for more…

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