Corals On Our Earth

Australia’s Famous Great Barrier Reef is in extremely poor condition, with climate change, overpopulation and pollution having an extreme impact on its conditions. It has been downgraded to the lowest level, which threatens it’s position as a World Heritage Site. Thankfully, the issues it faces are still reversible. Despite this, we can still reverse these impacts with effective local actions.

But why is everyone fighting so hard to save corals? What is their significance in our life?

While Corals help maintain a diverse ecosystem and provide homes to many varieties of fish, they also protect the coast from waves energy by absorbing it. They also prevent coastal erosion (erosion is the removal of soil or rocks from the land by natural elements such as water, wind ,etc. The soil is then deposited somewhere else.)

Corals also reduce the damage of storms, tsuanmis and earthquakes. They act like a barrier between these natural forces and human and animal inhabitation. Many animals are dependent on it as a food source. Corals are one of the primary survival kits for our earth. Without them, we would not have such a diverse ecosystem. Therefore, we must actively work to conserve them.

Here’s what you can do to save them-

1. Volunteer at Local beach cleanups. 2. Waste less water. 3. Use less sunscreen. 4.Don‘t touch them while diving. 5.Practise Safe boating

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