The Citizenship Problem

Assam has not accounted for nearly 2 million of its populace on the citizen list. Assam has for years suffered from illegal migration problems, with many Assam dwellers claiming that these migrants steal their job opportunities, resources and living areas. Last time, more than 4 million people were left out of the citizen list census conducted by the government. This year, a smaller but still shocking 1.9 million people have been ommitted. According to Indian laws, any undeclared migrant who does not have explicit refugee status from the government is considered an illegal migrant. Many migrants are trying to cross over from Muslim Majority country Bangladesh into Indian soil.

While the citizens list is a good way to understand the difference between legal and illegal migrants, the method of classifying them is very poor and many long staying citizens of India have also been excluded from this list. A lot of citizens whose families have lived there for generations have been excluded for not being able to provide proper documentation for their lands. The government has said that any disapproval should be settled in court. However, Assam is one of the poorest states in India. Many cannot afford the luxury of justice. This means that their chances of staying in the country are at risk, and through no fault of their own.

What do you think? Should these citizens be provided proper judicial aid? Comment down below…

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