Bikers Beware!

Who doesn’t love sitting in the back seat, legs completely spread out? Unfortunately, there are new laws made by the government that clearly state that any individual 14 and above must wear a seatbelt. Many more such strict traffic laws are being enforced by the government. In the recent changes, many fines have also been made upto 10 times their original amount!

For example, the fee of drunk driving originally was 2,000 ruppees. Now, it has been raised to 10,000 ruppees! The fine for driving despite disqualification was originally 500 ruppees. Now, it is 10,000 ruppees! Which is twenty times the original amount. Law enforcement has finally started to come to their senses and enforce extremely strict penalties for breakage of traffic laws. No Mumbaikar will dare break any more laws, as they are too scared of the fee!

Tweets have also gone viral about a Honda Activa owner charged 25,000, which is approximately half the price of the Honda Activa. Because of such harsh driving laws, more and more people will be inclined to use public transport, and not buy ve

hicles but rather use services such as Uber and Ola. This will significantly reduce not just road accidents, but also traffic and improve road safety.

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