Floods In Pune

Due to the unexpected rains in Pune, a cloud burst occurred and the whole city has been in chaos, Reports of water levels upto 7 feet were heard. 19 people were killed and 11 have gone missing. Many areas have been evacuated, with more than 15,000 people displaced from their homes. Devendra Fadnavis, the CM of Maharashtra has asked for national disaster relief force as well. More rains are expected, especially in Pune and other adjoining areas such as Ambegaon, Sinhgad, Kirkatwadi, Balajinagar, etc.

The roads have also been blocked, with people frantically trying to exit these areas. The situation is very grave indeed. This is record rainfall hitting the district in the last ten years. More than 200 vehicles along with tonnes of garbage has washed up on the streets. Many people are taking refuge in higher levels to avoid drowning.

We must all wish them luck out of this murky patch…

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