India’s Reply To Pak PM Imran Khan

India has given a prompt reply to the speech made by Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. Terming the language used as “hateful” India has accused the PM of trying to cause division in the United Nations. Vidisha Maitra, First Secretary, Ministry of external affairs has pointed out the use of words such as ‘bloodbath’ ‘racial superiority’ etc. as part of a medieval mindset.

India has openly criticized Pak’s justification for the use of terrorism as a legitimate military strategy, claiming that the threat issued by Pakistan on releasing nuclear weapons shows their love for danger, not their love for diplomacy. And as another bold step forward, India has asked Pakistan to answer questions such as the amount of UN recognised terrorist groups and leaders hiding in their country, along with many offences such as terror financing, aiding and openly defending Osama Bin Laden. For the time, Pakistan has been on the spot, and faces immense pressure not just from India but other countries such as the USA to provide answers to these questions.

Pakistan’s PM thoughtless words in his speech, have allowed India to pick it apart to the last syllable and be destroyed. On its quest to gain Kashmir, Pakistan is now trying to ironically play the face of human rights. India has brought out the fact that Pakistan significantly reduced its minority groups from 27% in 1947 to 3% in 2019 by forced conversions, open abuse and other crimes.

India has spoken, saying that while Pakistan promises to reduce terrorism and hate speech in Jammu and Kashmir, India is already working towards it’s economical development, and with the combination of India’s thriving economy and the vast heritage and cultural importance of the land, mainstreaming is irreversibly on the way.

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