Crying Over Onions

Who doesn’t love a hot plate of kanda bhajis on rainy days? Well, maybe a little too much it seems. Onions are an important part of Indian cooking and recently their price has become very high due to a shortage. This situation became even worse due to floods in several states and has become a problem for the people. The price of onions has even doubled across cities in India because the demand for onions was more than what was supplied by the country, hence making onions more valuable.

So, the government tried to reduce the export so more onions came into the market for the people. However eventually, India world’s largest onion exporters had to ban the export completely so more onions came into the Market. Farmers used to receive benefits for exporting onions but this was cut in June by 10%. When the price was still high the government banned the export. This ban is to be effective immediately.

Are onions important in your family? Tell us if you think this was a good move in the comments below…

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