Rain being a Pain

In India, the rainy season starts in june and usually gets over in early September, when the country celebrates Ganesh chaturthi. However, that wasn’t the case this time. According to the Indian meteorological department the rains will start retreating from the northwest region by 10 October. This is the most delayed rainfall in the history of our country. This time we received 10% more rainfall than the average and the quantity of rain was the most since the last 25 years.

Uttar Pradesh and Bihar states experienced extreamly heavy rains and flooding which lead to damage of property and the death of 113 people, just in the last 3 days. Homes, shops, and even a major hospital were filled with water. The rains had submerged a jail causing the evacuation of 900 inmates. According to the Indian meteorological department the intensity of the rains in Bihar is likely to reduce. For the first time in 6years we received above average rainfall in this month.

Were rains a problem for you this year? Share your story in the comments below…

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