It’s been a long time since we wrote about any of these issues… So here’s a fresh update.

1.USA has increased tariffs on items such as handbags and other such items against the European Union after finding out that they were responsible for giving illegal money to Airbus. The import tariffs go up to as high as 7.5 billion dollars.

2. Egypt has been considered an up and coming trade market for a while now, with investors funding it’s trading sector hoping to see profit in the near future. However, recent street protests by the local civilians have shown us the exploitation of the locality and how they are getting zero benefits from the investments.

3. The United Kingdom has put down their last deal in front of the EU, saying that it will walk out with or without a deal by the end of this year. (See article:Brexit Talks Collapse for more)

4. The UN refugee agency is in talks with India about the hundreds of uncounted for immigrants at its North Eastern borders. These immigrants are then mixed up with actual locals and as a result many Indians in the north east lose their fundamental rights.

5. The RBI has cut interest rates for the fifth time ina row, hoping that this will stimulate the rebirth of the sagging economy. The economyhyas hit a six year low. (See articles: RBI cuts interest rates for more and Economy Collapse)

Thats it for now!

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