Environment VS Development

‌An average of ten people, mostly the poor, die everyday due to the overcrowded trains in Mumbai. To solve this problem the government introduced Mumbai metro and a part of it is Mumbai metro 3, which is a 35km project that will carry around 170,000 people a day to their desired location. However this project comes at a high price. It passes through the Aarey colony in Mumbai which is a home for thousands of trees. 2700 trees in Aarey would be cut down to build a metro shed. Celebrities, some politicians, activists and even ordinary people like me and you have protested against this and some have even hugged the trees, refusing to let go. However, in their defence, authorities believe that there is no other space in the crowded city of Mumbai and the metro will prove to be more beneficial to the people and the environment. It is not clear how many trees have been cut so far but some say that the number is 2,134 trees already.

This controversy has become a political issue in Maharashtra. The case was introduced in the Mumbai high court where the court refused to accept Aarey as a forest. However, the supreme court interfered and told the government not to cut any more trees untill the matter was completely dealt. However the damage was already done and the court did not say anything about the trees cut. Activists were even arrested earlier but now will definitely be released.

‌what do you think? Development vs environment? Should the trees be cut or not? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below..

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