Making up for Humanity

In today’s time one of the greatest problems we face is climate change and we have finally started to realise the importance of trees, nature and climate. Therefore, the Indian government recently had a conference in which an idea was put forth- “The Green wall of of India”. The idea was inspired from the African green wall which is an initiative to cover a stretch of land by planting trees.

The plan is to create a 5km wide and a 1,400km long stretch of trees from Gujarat to the Delhi- Haryana border. This project is India’s way to protect itself from desertification (becoming a desert). Although desertification might seem superficial it is a serious concern. Deserts are spreading and the winds are carrying sand to other places. The Thar desert too is spreading eastwards. In the states of Delhi, Gujarat and Rajasthan more than 50% of the land is infertile and is prone to desertification. Although not fully approved yet this project will be the countries top priority and so will the restoration of the infertile land in the Aravali. India currently has 96.4 million hectares of degraded land which is 29.3% of our total area. It aims to restore atleast 26 million hectares of land.

Should this be a priority? Will the people and the government approve this project? Tell us in the comments below…

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