Chinese Trade Talks

India’s PM, Narendra Modi had a brief and frank discussion with the Chinese President Xi Jinping about the latest happenings in our economy. They have agreed to send in a highly specialised team to help solve the trade deficit (the budget minus the expenditure of any economy is it’s deficit. In this case, it is regarding to the trading industry) in our country.

China, because of its fall in trade with the United States, was more than happy to resolve the issue of the Indo-China trade. The Kashmir issue was put aside in this second annual summit between the leader and instead talks of the economy and industrial growth were made. China is now allowing Indian drug companies and IT companies to easily enter China. China in return is asking India to make an unbiased opinion of Huawei, which the US has banned on the grounds of being a spy system.

What do you think? Will trade improve with the help of China? Comment down below…

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