Faceless Taxes?

Indian tax officials are protesting against Modi’s new faceless tax reforms. Faceless tax reforms are when all transactions will be strictly electronic, and nothing will be done face to face or personally. Faceless tax collection will allow less corruption to occur and allow companies to peacefully pay their taxes in a secure manner.

This is due to many incidents such as the suicide of the V.G Siddharta, founder of India’s largest coffee chain company, Cafe Coffee Day and blaming the tax officials in a note saying they persecuted him. The tax officials claim that there is a lack of resources required to create this change.

The official income tax department of India has voiced their unhappiness about this in a letter to the Cabinet, claiming that it would reduce tax collection and put more pressure on tax officials to collect tax in a bad year.

What do you think? Will these new reforms improve or destroy our economy? Comment down below….

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