Brexiting or Not?

The European union (EU) is a group of 28 European countries that are united by the same market and laws. However, for couple of years now there are brexit negotiations going on. Brexit means Britain exiting the EU. They want to exit as they want different tax laws, immigration laws etc. However, up until now they couldn’t come to a agreement and a solid deal. On 17th October, 2019 the Prime minister of UK and the EU agreed on a deal. 95% of the deal is the same last year, the main change being the northern Ireland proposal. The deal says that UK will pay approximately 33billion pounds as a “divorce bill”. The rights of a UK citizen will be protected in EU and vice versa. The UK would have to follow EU’s laws upto 2020 so business and trade can settle.

Although the deal has been agreed brexit is not yet decided. The deal yet has to be approved by the parliament of UK. The last time we were in this situation Theresa May’s brexit deal did not get approved and was rejected by the house of commons. She then resigned. Prime minister Boris Johnson’s political career seems grim if he cannot finish brexit by 31 October, 2019, as promised.

Do you think brexit will happen? Do you have any views? Tell us in the comments below…

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