Dying Breath

Delhi, the capital of India has one of the poorest air qualities in the world and this is only getting worse. Every year, during this season, farmers in the land surrounding the megacity burn their crop straw and stubble to prepare for the harvest. A devastating amount of smoke is released that combines with the pollution from the city and the pollutants hang in the environment due to cold air and reduction in winds. It is estimated that their are 200 micro-organisms per cubic metre, which is twice the acceptable level.

The National green tribunal (NGT) has banned this burning but this law is rarely enforced. The government has even set aside 160 million to help farmers get rid of unnecessary stubble in an environment friendly manner. The “happy seeder machine” is to be the replacement for burning but it requires several forms, applications and an upfront payment from the farmers. They claim that during this season they so not have the time to even worry about Delhi’s pollution. Others believe that the farmers have to change their mindset.

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