Deepawali, Festival of Exploitation?

Delhi has now offered a laser show to replace all fireworks to prevent further air pollution this diwali. This is a great idea as more people will reduce using firecrackers, so less firecrackers will be produced. The fireworks industry has one of the worlds highest cases of child labour, where even six year old children are forced to deal with dangerous chemicals.

One example of child labour is the Sivakasi place. This place has been exploiting children for many years until it was reported in 1989. Many of these children lived in hazardous conditions with no good clothes and meals. The reason? The demand for fireworks, incense sticks and matches had grown over time.

While everyone expected big companies to meet these demands, it was actually the companies as small as cottage level that did. (Cottage level industries are household industries in rural areas). This makes it much harder for the government to keep track of the labour, with many cases of horrible exploitation goin right past their noses. Therefore, to save children from exploitation and to also save the environment the government has decided to have a lazer show to replace firecrackers.

Will the show work? How can we convince people to stop using firecrackers? Tell us in the comments below…

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