Leader of ISIS Dead

Syria is a country in the middle East that has an ongoing civil war since 2011. The country has political and sectarian tensions(tensions regarding sects of a religion) which led to a student protest against the government, triggering a civil war. Today, many countries are involved in the war, some supporting the rebel troops and others supporting the government. During this chaotic period ISIS, a terrorist organisation with extreme religious views managed to capture a large part of Syrian land (which they eventually lost).

On Sunday, 27th October 2019 the president of the United States, Donald Trump televised an important announcement. Abu Bakr al-Bhagdadi, the leader of ISIS had died in a raid led by US forces in the northwest region of Syria. According to Trump the “sick and depraved man” died “whimpering and crying” as he was backed into a tunnel with a dead end. In a statement by the white House many of his men were also killed and no US personnel were lost. US thanked other countries like Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iraq for their support.

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