The aftermath of Ayodhya Verdict

The Ayodhya land dispute has been resolved recently by the supreme court of India. The court ruled on giving the disputed land to Hindus and offered 5 acres to muslims to build a masjid. The authorities are now focused on ensuring that people don’t spread hate and violence. They followed a “zero tolerance approach” where they did not tolerate any sort of inflammatory post on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. So far 37 people in Uttar Pradesh have been arrested because of this. The police have also taken action against 3,712 social media accounts and have either reported them or instructed the people to delete the post.

24 hours after the verdict section 144 was imposed in Mumbai, prohibiting the gathering of 5 or more people in an open area. This was done to prevent riots or any unlawful gathering. People are also being told not to burst firecrackers or distribute sweets. Nationalist ideas of peace and unity are spreading and people are #acceptingayodhyaverdict

Let’s hope India remains strong and United. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below…

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