The Sinking City

Venice is a unique city located in Italy, Europe. It is situated on 118 islands that’s are linked by water channels and bridges. So the people of Venice commute in gondolas(type of boat), waterbus or on foot. Now, this city is facing a huge crisis. On Tuesday, an extreme high tide hit 85% of Venice causing the worst floods it faced since 1966. Some parts of the city had drowned under 6 feet of water. The floods were destructive as they pushed against buildings, knocked down shelves in stores and swept the boats ashore. All schools are still shut. On Friday, Venice faced its second worst flooding in more than 50 years. The president declared a state of emergency in the city and requested the international community for funds.

Scientists, however, had predicted that Venice will suffer the consequences of flooding and climate change and so the Italian government decided to build a wall to defend the beautiful yet fragile city. Back in 2003 construction finally began and the barrier was set to be completed by 2011. However, corruption, cost overruns and delays in construction interfered in the completion of the wall. Now, the construction will probably be completed by 2021 at a cost of 5.5 billion euors as compared to the initial 1.6 billion euors. Polititions were discussing the climate crisis on Tuesday but the Majority parties rejected methods to tackle climate change. Ironically their office was flooded two minutes later.

The floodwater is from the sea, so it has salt. This is a major threat to the beautiful architecture Venice has to offer. When the water will eventually drain out, the salt will be left behind. The salt crystals will then slowly corrode the bricks and eat it away.

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