Hong Kong Protests Continue

In a dramatic turn of events, the Hong Kong protests became worse as hundreds of students gathered up inside the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. The protests became violent as the students used catapults,bows and arrows and Molotov cocktails to battle police. The police lay siege to the university asking the hundred students still inside to come out. Around 600 protestors have already left the University and the 400 students out of these who are over 18 have been arrested. Several injured have been rushed to emergency rooms. The university authorities are urging the ones inside to come out and have asked the police to give time to the students.

The protests began six months back in response to a new law that would have allowed extradition of Hong Kong citizens to China for trials. While the law has since been withdrawn, the students have further demands for greater autonomy and freedom from Chinese influence and control.

How can further escalation be prevented? Let us know in your comments below..(Search for hing kong protests on owlett.in to get some background for the same)

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