Like Obamacare, but Better

India, in its initiative to have a good standard of health and hygiene in the country has now started a health insurance programme, titles ‘Modicare’. Modicare is said to be the biggest health insurance programme of its kind in the world and the government is now actively approaching private hospitals to take part in this initiative.

In India, private healthcare is very expensive and unaffordable for most families, and public hospitals lack the needed manpower and facilities to accommodate these needy patients. This initiative was actually started last year, with the plan that each family would recieve 5,00,000 ruppees or 7,000 dollars a year for serious ailments.

The government has managed to register only 20% of the 500million expected to be in the category. This is due to lack of awareness of the scheme and low participation of private organisations and hospitals. So far, 6million people have been treated free of cost. 60% of the hospitals participating are said to be private sectors, but private hospitals have increasing concern about their losses.

Lets spread awareness about this important social cause and help India achieve new standards of health and hygiene.

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