Drama Drama Drama

So we’re pretty sure if we don’t write about the BJP and Shiv Sena feud every Indian will think we’re demented so here goes-

Politics has just seen the biggest uno reverse card. On Friday, rumours of Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP (National Congress Party) forming an alliance were run amock. However, the very next day every Mumbaikar and Indian was shocked to wake up and see a fresh tweet by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister congratulating Devendra Fadnavis on being elected as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. BJP’S Devendra Fadnavis and NCP’s head, Ajit Pawar who was sworn in as the deputy are said to form a coalition government together. This ceremony was conducted very secretly, before anyone could react to the desicion.

NCP-Shiv Sena are now claiming that BJP led government will be defeated, with most of the senior NCP members still on Shiv Sena’s side. Ajit Pawar has now been fired from the legislative head of NCP. The BJP government has been given till 30th November to prove that they have 145 required numbers accordingly. NCP has gathered all of its MLAs (Member of Legislative Assembly) for this battle.

Whew. So much drama. Wonder how this will end? Don’t worry, we’ll spill the tea tom! Come back for more…

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